Information Board System

Whether for meetings, training, or conferences, visualization is indispensable in today's work place. Based on a double rail, you have twice the opportunity to precisely meet your presentation needs. Any combination of flip chart, pinboard, projection screen, or writing surface is possible with our easy-to-install rail system. In your business every meeting has its own unique focus. The individual elements of this system are infinitely interchangeable making a customized presentation possible every time and everywhere.

Double Rail, Duraline

White enameled aluminum. Sections come open-end for customized lengths. Plastic end caps for finishing. Cornering capabilities for uninterrupted installation. Rail stoppers for permanent positioning of writing surfaces, pinboards, shelving, etc. Installation hardware concealed by white insert strips.

Basic Double Rail includes: 95" (240 cm) long double rail, extension adapters, stop caps, corner connectors, a rail stopper, insert strip to conceal hardware, and paper clips.

Writing Surface, Duraline

White enameled, magnetic steel surface, dry erasable. Plastic corners and full width marker tray. Choose upper or lower bypass on rail system.

White boards

Dim. (h x w)
45 x 60 cm (18" x 24")
60 x 90 cm (24" x 36")
90 x 120 cm (36" x 48")
90 x 180 cm (36" x 70")
100 x 150 cm (39" x 60")
100 x 200 cm (39" x 78")
120 x 150 cm (48" x 60")
120 x 180 cm (48" x 70")
120 x 200 cm (48" x 78")
120 x 240 cm (48" x 95")
120 x 300 cm (48" x 118")

A variety of strong, dependable magnets are available for use on all of the steel surface white boards.

Flip Chart, Duraline

Universal - punch paper pad mounting pins accommodate all brands of flip chart paper; side hinged front panel swings open for ease in folding individual sheets back; self-storage compartment for extra paper pads assures uninterrupted presentations. The dry-erase, magnetic face doubles as additional writing space. Surface is white enameled steel with white plastic corners and full width marker tray.

Pinboard, Duraline

Surface is gray cork linoleum and the frame is white enameled aluminum profile, with white plastic corners.

Dim (h x w)
60 x 90 cm (24" x 36")
90 x 120 cm (36" x 48")
90 x 150 cm (36" x 60")
120 x 150 cm (48" x 60")

Retractable projection screen

The retractable projection screen has the pleasant characteristic of not hanging in the way whenever it is not in use. To use it you will require a white board of 150 x 120 m to which the unrolled screen is attached using a magnet. The screen measures 155 x 155 cm and is very suitable for slide, OHP and film projection. It is supplied complete with a suspension set for the bottom rail.
Dim 155 x155 cm.

Projection Screen

Distortion-free fabric is stretched between brackets at top and bottom of screen frame to allow for tension adjustment as required. The spring/crank mechanism allows for tilting the screen up to 30 degrees for distortion-free, anti-keystone overhead projection. Frame and tilt mechanism are white enameled aluminum with white plastic corners and screen trim.

High screen projection screen

A projection screen on the wall makes you extremely flexible in choosing the best position with regard to the audience and incoming light, etc. This high screen projection screen also ensures a perfect image quality even with full color projection from your video and LCD equipment. Thanks to the silver-colored surface and the curved shape, this screen has the highest reflection value with a Gain value of 13. You get a perfect and focused image even in daylight. The position of the screen can be adjusted gradually up to an angle of 15 degrees. This high screen is supplied including frame, tilting mechanism, a set of support arms for the top and distance holders.
Dim. (h x w)
114 x 152 cm
132 x 178 cm

* High screen projection screens on the rail require space above the rail:
114 x 152 cm: 20 cm
132 x 178 cm: 28 cm

Shelving, Duraline

Files, A/V equipment, and presentation materials are conveniently at hand when stored on these versatile shelving units. Rail hung, available in two sizes, shelves are height adjustable. Shelf surface is white laminated melamine resin, supports are white enameled aluminum.

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